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With a lot of love and gratitude, we can officially say….WILD & GORGEOUS IS BACK!!! We are thrilled to share our new collection with you. It has been a time of enormous change and the love and passion that led us to taking over the brand is all the more for the determination it took to get through this time. 

During this period we have had a lot of time to reflect on Wild & Gorgeous, and what it means to us. We have questioned how we envision it’s future, and what struck me, is that it had been there, right in front of us, all along. Wild & Gorgeous, it was in the name. The name inspired us to look beyond the product to a greater cause which affects us all, sustainability. So with every decision, we began to question what would be the the sustainable choice. One of the choices we made was to change our faux fur to a material made from recycled plastic and hemp. This reimagined material is so beautiful and soft that my daughters refuse to take it off! Something else we are very excited about is that we are working with One Tree Planted to donate a tree with every product purchase. We are still learning a lot and growing but we have our name to constantly aspire towards. 

In recent months all of us have changed the way we work and interact with friends. Many of us have children who were home for long periods of time and some of us have children that never went back to school. This change sent us back to the drawing table, rethinking how our children want to dress. The obvious answer is cosy, easy, but without sacrificing style. As we began to rework the collection we always thought about comfort, luxuriously soft materials and our signature style that you have grown to love. 

Our new collection will be part of a greater continual collection that is nonseasonal. This is part of our commitment to slow fashion. We design and produce high quality pieces that are made to live in and last. We continue to work with the same enormously talented production partners, who have been there since the beginning of Wild & Gorgeous. Our aesthetic has not changed but the way we think about fashion has. We have had a lot of fun creating what we consider essential wardrobe pieces and look forward to a Wild & Gorgeous world. 

* Pulling together a photoshoot during Covid was not an easy task. A special thanks to my children who graciously accommodated their mother during a time of great need. We are also very grateful for the support of Pepe and for collaborating with us on shoes for the shoot!

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