Styling Tip #2: How to Accessorize your look

Styling Tip #2: How to Accessorize your look

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Start with the basics


We can't emphasize enough how important it is to have your basic wardrobe sorted out. It makes everything so much easier knowing you have a wardrobe packed with items that will never let you down! Comfort is also essential or you will never want to wear it! We all have that one piece that we felt we couldn't live without and yet we can never stand to wear it because it's itchy or simply feels uncomfortable. We recommend to start by trying to build a wardrobe full of quality items - remember quality not quantity! Go for items that are sustainable or made from organic content. These tend to last longer and sustains the same quality as when you first bought the items. Once you have your essentials down then you can always layer and accessories to make your outfit look unique and put your individual stamp of style on it!

How to accessorize your look


The "Effortlessly Chic" look has invaded into the mainstream of fashion and is now brought to attention now more than ever. This means that you try hard (in secret!), but your look doesn't look like you tried too hard. Accessories and layering are the ultimate way to glamourize your look. For example, take our Leia Sweatshirt and Livia Sweatpants, which are a cozy cool look but when combined with our Rainbow Bag you add a pinch of vividness and boho charm. Another simple way to add glam to your sweats is by topping it off with a faux fur piece. We view gilets and coats not only layering pieces but another way to accessorize your look as they completely transform your outfit. Adding a colourful accessory to a chic and effortless look will sure earn you style points. 



The great thing with accessories is that these can be paired up with so many different looks and styles. Aim to go for an accessory that is neutral in colour, or if not the opposite, very colourful. This gives you a choice of colours that you are able to style it with. Our Rainbow bag is a perfect example as it is quilted with a variety of colours like red, pink, orange, blue and cream, therefore any outfit that you wear in these colour will automatically be a great pair with the bag. 



Hosiery is also a good and subtle way to style your look, especially if you don't feel like carrying around an accessory. Add a touch of print into the tights you are wearing, if not, have fun by wearing a pair of loud socks. The key to styling is to focus every look around one key item. Similarly, Wild & Gorgeous is known for being effortless but chic and bohemian, and the key to creating these items is to focus every them around one main element, like trim, embroidery or print. 



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