Styling Tip #1: Wild & Gorgeous' look

Styling Tip #1: Wild & Gorgeous' look

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Wild & Gorgeous started off in Notting Hill, London and the styles we created have been inspired greatly by this neighbourhood but also other cultures around the globe. We believe children's clothing also have a reason to feel as luxurious, chic and beautiful as adult clothing. 

Wild & Gorgeous loves to experiment with designs by merging unique elements in unusual ways to create an effortless, feminine and bohemian look. Wild & Gorgeous has become well know for its beautiful embroidery, prints and detailed trims, but focusing on functionality as the same time. 

We aim to design so that each piece works together, then it is up to you to create your own combinations and form a personal style. 


Beautiful Boho


'Wild' is part of our name and we love to explore wild nature and authentic cultures in the world, where we can draw inspiration. Wild & Gorgeous embraces the bohemian style as it focuses on looking natural and combining your inner self with nature. Boho is playful, creative and chic and we bring these elements into our designs through using unique trims, patterns and embroidery.



Feminine Florals


Florals have always been incorporated into Wild & Gorgeous designs as they are the ultimate in feminine prints. Somehow they wistfully transport us to another time and place. It goes without saying that we think every girl should have a timeless, floral piece in their wardrobe. Feminine floral prints offer plenty of opportunities to mix and match with other pieces. We love to gain inspiration from nature and vintage markets, then transform these into more luxurious and modern florals.



Comfort Chic


Wild & Gorgeous believes children should be able to look chic but also comfortable. Over the last few collections, we have developed several jersey pieces, which combines comfort and style. After all, when you look good, you feel even better! We have kept the look sophisticated with simple silhouettes but adorned them with gorgeous embroidery or print to give it a twist. Using our our tonal flocked sweats as an example, this completely transforms your effortless cute sweats into something very chic. Mix and match our jersey pieces and put your own stamp on it!


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