Styling Tip #3: How to shop and What to wear on different occasions

Styling Tip #3: How to shop and What to wear on different occasions

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Are you buying clothes that do not really go with anything in your wardrobe? Have you got a stack of clothes sat in your wardrobe waiting to be worn one day? Go through your wardrobe and clean it out! Keep only the things that fit and bring you joy.

When shopping for clothes, a good tip is to buy an item that goes with other garments in your wardrobe. Purchase a nice printed blouse that can spruce up your look if worn with other basic items, such as jeans, a plain skirt or denim jumpsuit. Although you would be wearing the same blouse, the style of your look will change depending on what you match it with.

Buy something that you wear on different occasions. Try going for something that works for both spring/summer and autumn/winter, for example a cardigan or dress. A lot of people feel the pressure to buy a new outfit for every occasion as they don't want to be "seen" in the same dress again. Why not choose a classic colour, like black, navy, dusty pink/blue, cream or white and change your look up with hair and jewelry. Just the change from gold to silver jewellery can make a huge difference!

Another tip is to go for something really classic. We don't mean drab or boring when we say classics. Just good staples. If you buy quality, you'll love them for a lifetime. A pair of well fitting trousers and dress will take you to many places. It is better to buy a non-sale classic item that will last you years and years, rather than purchasing several sale items that aren't going to be worn much and end up giving to a charity shop. In winter, invest in a staple coat that will keep you warm and will be easy to chuck on over any look. In summer, it's all about the t-shirts, so try investing in a 100% organic cotton t-shirt that last longer and maintains its quality. 

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