Styling Tips #5: Ideas on what to wear this Easter

Styling Tips #5: Ideas on what to wear this Easter

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With Easter comes springtime and flowers.🌸🐣

The cool days of winter are behind and warmer days filled with sunshine lie ahead. It is a glorious time of year, and a beautiful holiday full of fun, food and the magical egg hunt. But what to wear? So here are a few tips straight from the Easter Bunny herself

Tip #1 Go for a bright, colourful dress with prints or embellishment/embroidery

Florals, how we love them! Try opting for something that has a floral print, embellishment, embroidery detailing or texture! For colour, try going for pastels. If you're not so comfortable in a dress, alternatively go for a playsuit or jumpsuit that gives you the flexibility to move but also looks stylish at the same time. 

Tip #2 Accessorise your look

Now for the Easter candy! Oyster on OpenMoji  Accessories are fun and are the easiest way to change up your look. Try adding a touch of glam to your outfit by pairing it with a statement pair of socks, tights, or try making your own fresh floral earrings. If the rain has stopped and the sun is shining, maybe our rainbow handbag would be just the right piece 🌈

Tip #3 Go all pastels

Easter is the perfect time to go for the fairytale look and the ideal hack is to go for a dress or skirt made from net or lace. However, if you are the type of girl who wants to win the Easter egg hunt, then you might prefer a style that is effortless which you can match with your favourite pair of trainers 🐣  Pastel blues and pinks are our favourite colours because they give any outfit a fresh but effortless chic, feminine look. Easter is all about pastel colours so grab all those pastels from your wardrobe and then style it with a nice floral printed item for an instant mood lifter. 

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